Grapevine 100

Grapevine is an experimental tool for connecting artists and audiences outside the mainstream. We support artists who work in vision, sound, words or video. Our Grapevine Maker tool enables you to connect artwork to text, audio, images and video, which your audience can unlock with WhatsApp or Telegram – and share it with friends, family and beyond.

We seek artists who work beyond the gates of the mainstream, whether in terms of culture, art form or technology; artists who the gatekeepers seem content to keep outside. You are talented. You just need either a way to reach your audience without them, or a leg up over the wall.

Is this you? Send us your name, email, some artwork you’d like to Grapevine, and a message about how you would like to use Grapevine to connect to your audience. One of us will be in touch shortly. The first 100 applications will be given a FREE Grapevine Maker account, for indefinite use.