Welcome to Grapevine. Grapevine started its journey in 2019, as a solution to connect print books with audio podcasts, without building a new app. Today, our focus is on improving our tools to meets both the creative and accessibility needs of global makers and audiences.

Our core values are co-creation and representation. To change the world we need to work with others and be prepared to be challenged both creatively and ethically. From day one, we have workshopped Grapevine with creative citizens we value and admire.

This has led to research and development projects and commissions with comic artists in São Paulo, writers and illustrators in Yaoundé and community artists and families in Bristol, as well as audiences at festivals Africa Writes Bristol and Simple Things.

Lily Green

We are a small publisher-technologist team of two. Our names are Lily Green and Tim Kindberg. We both live in Bristol, UK. We are always keen to answer questions and enquiries about Grapevine. If you’d like to chat, contact us and one of us will personally get in touch with you.

Tim Kindberg